the incomplete story

If we gather, we create.

If you come to an incomplete feast, you will gather with like-minded souls, creatives that are likely journeying through what you are experiencing and that can celebrate your process alongside you.

A feast for all senses.

Bring yourself x

Bring a plate of food to share

Bring a creative offering in any (incomplete) shape or form

Every incomplete feast is an opportunity to build community and connection. What better way than by sharing a meal together?

Making art and exploring your creative self is a true feat that deserves to be celebrated.

At past events we have shared the joy of listening to new musical compositions, observing kinetic sculptures, paintings and sketches. We have engaged in new and complex ideas, shared the joy of gardening, taken up space through physical theatre exercises. Every event is completely unique but always a feast for the senses.

We have a few guidelines that govern the incomplete feasts.

1) When you are sharing, we ask you to present it in a way that doesn’t put yourself down, over-justify or over-explain your idea out of fear of judgement. “Don’t spit on your dish” is a phrase we use to remind people of this point. Our desire is to encourage people to allow their offering to be received and experienced as an entity outside of themselves and to prevent people from speaking harshly about themselves.

2) When sharing, you’re encouraged to ask for specific feedback rather than a generalised “what do you think?” This prevents you from getting overwhelmed, defensive, or not taking ownership over your decisions.

3) Only give feedback when asked, words of encouragement and sharing your experience is welcome. Listen attentively and respectfully.

4) Everyone needs time to share, so if a time limit is required to get through everyone, please be mindful of this.

Any form of creativity is welcome

Do you want to flesh out a book idea? Showcase a sewing project? Ponder what you should plant in your garden? Sing a half-finished song? You can bring anything to an incomplete feast and know it will be accepted with open arms and a celebratory cheers of encouragement. Incomplete feast is a container for all, the only prerequisite is that your contribution is incomplete.


“Incomplete feast is an absolute delight! As a creative who is nervous to share, it has given me the gentlest start to sharing my creative expressions and ideas with others. This group event is intentionally set up to be encouraging and considered in the way we share our offerings, give and receive feedback, and I think it has really helped to build my confidence and hope in completion works and starting more. I am so grateful for incomplete feast. Thank you!” - Lou

“After a forced period of creative hibernation due to the global pandemic, i.f. got me back on track. I cherish our meet ups, where I can reconnect with my creativity in a kind and respectful environment.

The group supports each other in their artistic journey and I believe we might complete something after all.” - Pauline

“Incomplete feast is a place where people from many creative disciplines gather to discuss their ideas in an open, respectful, and vulnerable setting. Katrina and Aleisha have started a truly special community where we celebrate the beauty of the creative process rather than purely focusing on the end result. I have been to four feasts so far, and each time I have walked away filled with fresh inspiration, gratitude, and a more grounded perspective on my incomplete project.” - Henry

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